Standard Features

  • Latest CNC and servomotor technology
  • Generator designed for maximum reliability
  • Capable of cutting thick, stepped and tapered parts
  • Multi-workpiece cutting
  • Easy-to-use CORE STITCH Function for evenlonger unmanned machining
  • Wire threading in just 10 seconds
  • Automatic in-path wire re-threading
  • Accurate twin servo wire tension control

Where wire EDM is concerned, accuracy has traditionally come at the cost of speed. That’s why FANUC has developed a next generation ROBOCUT wire EDM machine. The α-CiB series comprises three versatile all-rounders, including the first model with an 800 mm table and an option for a Z axis travel of 500 mm. With incredibly long mean times between failures, low maintenance, longevity and excellent uptimes, these future-proof machines are designed to save time and drive down unit costs while ensuring superlative accuracy and cutting.